The Himalayan Grassroots Women’s Natural Resource Management Association (HIMAWANTI) Nepal is a  non-profit, non-political, non-government organization dedicated to strengthening the grassroots level women in sustainable natural resource management in Nepal.

HIMAWANTI Nepal aims to promote solidarity among grassroots women in order to enhance their access to natural resources as well as to the equitable distribution and the benefits accruing from these resources. HIMAWANTI Nepal promotes such processes through consultation and networking among the grassroots women in Nepal. HIMAWANTI-Nepal provides an opportunity for women from different districts to discuss resource management policies and practices, share their respective situation, and evolve appropriate strategies.

HIMAWANTI- Nepal's mission is to ensure the emergence of appropriate policies and decision making process related to programs aimed at organizing rural women and promoting their moral strengths, conserve and manage the nations natural resources. Nepal is rich in natural resources, which have been utilized and protected by the local people in various regions of the country.



According to the analysis of activities of organization, it has reflects following missions: -

1. It gives emphasis for protecting, conserving, utilizing and managing available natural resource by activating rural women. For this it forms the groups from those rural women and from those groups. It manages local available natural resources.

2. It operates programs for rural women by uniting them for developing local leadership ability. For this organization organizes activities for mobilizing women for rights, leadership development, income generation and natural resource management. It will develop or create awareness about knowledge and skill development activities and improve their present situation.

3. The organization submits its view and suggestions to the grassroots level women for implementing the rules developed by HMG for natural resources. It also has mission to utilize the rules and implement it in behavior and improvement by providing suggestions.



The vision of HIMAWANTI Nepal is establishing organization as national organization by associating all grassroots level women for managing natural resources. As a representative organization, HIMAWANTI-Nepal is recognized by stakeholders as a strong civil society association of rural women to ensure rights of women in natural resources (land, water and forest) and it exercises absolute democracy to become effective in mobilization of women for natural resource management for uplifting their life condition.

HIMAWANTI-Nepal will be able to play a crucial role in promoting and protecting the rights of women in natural resource management through advocacy and lobbying and also become a contributor to policy development for uplifting the life condition of women.

All the executive members and staffs of HIMAWANTI Nepal wish to see the organization after 15-year as- “HIMAWANTI-Nepal will be a national level organization dedicated to protect, preserve, utilize and manage natural resource of different area of Nepal kingdom by strengthening women's role on it. Develop networks for empowering the morale of women and do activities towards women."



* Empathy with the poor, marginalized, Dalit's, women and children

* Mutual respect

* Equity and social justice

* Legitimacy, accountability and transparency

* Non-sectarian

* Quality and Excellence

* Peace and Harmony

* Participatory Approach

* Learning by experience



Organization gives priority to women of rural sector for searching, identifying natural resources and managing it. At present organization is running its activities in 32 districts. It has also aim to increase its active member from 1000 to 1500 by associating more rural women, it has also aim to increasing themselves and the activity performed by organization will be communicated towards public and it will aimed to develop such trend by making activities transparent.


Formation of work committees

Organization has expanded its structure in village level, district level and central level. For performing its activities, it has formed work committees in each level as:

· Village Work Committee

· District Work Committee

· Central Work Committee

In these committees, there are 9 to 11 members and these members are selected from democratic way from the members in respective level. So, HIMAWANTI-Nepal is a networking organization that works to activate rural grassroots women for managing natural resources available in their locality.


Working Methodologies

HIMAWANTI-Nepal works for strengthening role and empowering grassroots women for uplifting their situation in every sector of activities such as managing natural resource, developing awareness for women and child health, sanitation, generating income, develop literacy etc. For these activities it employs following methods: -

· Trainings such as advocacy, TOT, Organizational Development, Skill Development, Account Management and Natural Resource Management by exports in related field by identifying problems and possibilities.

· Conferences and Workshops for sharing ideas and experiences.

· Exposure Visits for learning new working frameworks and methods.