The Himalayanan Grassroots Women’s Natural Resource Management Association(HIMAWANTI) Nepal is a  non-profit, non-political, non- government organization dedicated to strengthen the grassroots level women in sustainable natural resource management in Nepal.

HIMAWANTI Nepal aims to promote solidarity among grassroots women in order to enhance their access to natural resources as well as to the equitable distribution of resources & benefits accruing from these resources. HIMAWANTI Nepal promotes such process through consultation & networking among the grassroots women in Nepal. HIMAWANTI-Nepal provides an opportunity for women from different districts to discuss resource management policies & practices, share their respective situation, evolve appropriate strategies.

HIMAWANTI- Nepal mission is to ensure the emergence of appropriate policies & decision making process related to programs aimed at organizing rural women & promoting their moral strengths,conserve & manage the Nations Natural resource. Nepal is rich in natural resource, which have been utilized & protected by the local people in the various region of the country.


HIMAWANTI-Nepal District Chapters